Reliv Independent Distributor
An Answer to Prayer!

Kathy LOVES helping people!!  That’s why she first became a teacher, later studied to become a Medical Office Assistant, then went back and got a Master’s Degree in Education - so that she could help people, both young and old!  After working several years as an Educational Therapist at our local Christian school, the Lord called us to begin home-schooling our own three children.  It was great, and we knew it was what we were supposed to be doing, but the loss of her income was causing serious financial pressure. Though Jim had 33 years experience in the nuclear power industry, and loved his job at our local utility, the increasingly stressful work environment was taking its toll, and his lack of job security was adding to the financial pressure we were under. We were praying for him to get a raise!

Instead of a raise, the Lord brought Reliv into our lives!  And it has proven to be an answer to our prayers in some amazing ways.  Before Reliv we’d not only been dealing with increasing financial stress, but also some serious health challenges. Kathy’s health had gone downhill; she was exhausted, in head-to-toe pain, and unable to focus or remember things. These issues were compromising her ability to be the wife and mother she wanted to be, and making home-schooling very difficult.  We decided to give Reliv a try, and were amazed at how our health improved!

As we heard the stories of how Reliv was positively impacting people in the areas of their finances and their health we began to understand what the Lord had introduced us to!  A company whose mission of helping people was exactly in line with Kathy’s passion. She could help people with their health AND their finances by sharing the Reliv story - how Reliv’s incredible products had helped her and have been helping people around the world for over 27 years - and how Reliv’s amazing business opportunity, based on these wonderful products, changed our lives and has been helping people from all walks of life take control of their finances, and reach their own financial goals.

We’ve now been sharing Reliv for over 18 years!!  Reliv has provided us an opportunity to build a business by investing in other people. We were able to finish home-schooling our children without Kathy having to work outside the home, we’ve had the time freedom and flexibility to go be with our adult kids whenever/wherever they needed us, and to transition into being “empty-nesters” without feeling empty or losing our sense of purpose! Reliv rewards us greatly for helping others too, paying us as much as $5500 in a month and sending us on several all-expenses paid trips to places like Banff Canada, Bermuda, and a cruise to the Bahamas.  We love being with our Reliv family - a group of folks who really care about others - but most of all we love knowing that what we are doing is making a positive difference in people’s lives!  We can’t imagine doing anything else!